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Energy-Efficient Home Starts with Construction

Maintaining the energy efficiency of your property may seem like a challenging responsibility.

But the majority of the structure that makes the home energy efficient starts with construction. From here, the routine to conserve energy will help keep the overall adaptability of the home. An efficient home begins during the building process.

Avoid Standby Power

Standby power is the energy used by electronics that are not used but still plugged in. Over time, this can lead to higher electricity bills. To avoid this, use a power strip for various electronics and switch off the power strip when they are not in use.

Energy Tune-Ups

Ensure that the heating and air system are tuned up, especially when the weather is between the summer and winter. Both the heating and cooling systems add about 40% of electricity so it’s necessary to validate if they are in good shape. Replace the filters regularly to make the systems work properly.

Inspect the Seals

One of the effective ways to have an energy-efficient home is to inspect the seals in the doors and windows yearly to avoid gaps that let air in and out. Make sure to also check the attic, fireplace, plumbing, and utility section. Seal any air leaks in the window using silicone caulk.

Save Water By washing Full Loads

Save water by washing full loads and do not use hot water as much as possible. Regularly clean the filter for safety and maintain the right air circulation.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Make use of the sun as your home lighting. Open the windows and use natural light to avoid the need to use electric lighting. Dim lights are good if you want to keep lower light levels and prevent them from using longer than they should be. Consider using solar-powered lighting in the outdoor area especially on the sidewalks, landscaping, and backyard to conserve energy.

Learn more about our construction project and how we can make your home energy efficient.

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